ECLife Fuel Oil Program is created by ECLife Newcomer Centre and for our membership benefit. 

Fuel price $0.827/liter for ECLife members. (updated Jan 15, 2019)

With this program, you can get

  • up to 20% discount compare to the market price
  • Full maintenance package, including unlimited parks and labor (click to check what parts included), 24 hours emergency service, and general annual cleaning and inspection

*Contact us for more details  

Member Registration Process

  • if you don't have an account, sign up / register @
  • login and submit information online
  • confirm information with the service provider
  • service provider done inspection on site
  • complete account setup

Please provide all details below so we can finish the registration process.

Fuel Company introduction

Our service provider is a family owned and operated company and was established in 2018. They currently employed over  100 local staff members and has a fleet size of 50 trucks (oil, delivery &
light fleet). They serves Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and
Newfoundland. They are available 24/7 to deal with all your home heating needs and have the
experience and the knowledge to take care of your family and/or business. Details will provided for our members only. 

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How are you using your oil?
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Full payment is due immediately after delivery (in time frame selected) – not upon receipt of your account statement. Budget plan is exempt from this policy. ​​​​

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