With this program, you may get*

  • Membership Discount 5% + waive service fee
  • Multi-car & Home Discount 34%
  • Auto & Home Owner Discount 20%
  • Auto & Tenant Discount 10%
  • Other Discount 2.5%-30%

*Discount depends on the items you select with your choice of provider and discount are conditional upon enrollment or items added to your coverage. The insurance agent will explain all the discount applicable upon receiving a quote and moving forward. Please provide your information to get a quote for specific discount. 

Registration process

  • if you don't have an account, sign up / register @ eclife.ca
  • login and submit information online
  • our service provider done the registration with you

Please provide all details below so we can finish the registration process.

  • 1 Current: Starting
  • 2 Vehicle
  • 3 Driver
  • 4 Complete
If you need insurance ASAP, please contact us @ 902-402-6567 after submit your information. 
Have you pass your Driving Test (Road Test)?
Have you pass your Driving Test (Road Test)?
It can be described as two weeks, one month, or next week etc.
Do you have minimum of ONE year insurance experience in Canada or other country?
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