It's important to choose the correct length skis for children so that they can have the most fun possible on the mountain and so that they can learn and improve their technique. Height and weight are both important determinants in selecting the correct size skis for kids. A good rule of thumb is that youth skis should come up somewhere between the child's chest and nose. Need a starting point? Use the Kids' Ski Size Chart below.

How to Find the Right Size Skis For Kids:

  1. Measure your child's height and weight.
  2. Locate that height on the kids' ski size chart below.
  3. Line up their height with the corresponding ski length to get the correct ski size range.

Kids Ski Size Chart

Age (yrs) Height (in) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Ski Length (cm)
3 37 94 34 14 70-80
4 40 102 37 16 80-90
5 43 109 42 18 90-100
6 45 114 46 21 95-105
7 47 119 50 23 100-110
8 50 127 57 26 110-120
9 53 135 63 29 115-125
10 55 140 70 32 120-130
11 57 145 79 36 130-140
12 59 149 89 41 135-145
13 61 156 100 46 140-150
14 65 164 112 51 150-160

Height and weight are based off of the 50th percentile for children for each age listed on the left side of the chart.

What if my child is in between the heights listed on the size chart?

Your child might be between two of the heights listed; in that case find their weight on the chart. If they are light for their height, you're going to size a ski to the shorter height, and therefore will end up with shorter skis. If they are heavy for their height, you'll go off the taller height and end up with longer skis.

Reasons to size kids' skis shorter, closer to the chest:

  • They are a beginner or cautious skier.
  • Their weight is lighter than average for their height.
  • They like to make short, quick turns and seldom ski fast.

Reasons to size kids' skis longer, closer to the nose:

  • They are skiing fast and aggressively.
  • They weigh more than average for their height.
  • You want to purchase a ski with room to grow. Children grow fast and there are boots and outerwear designed to accommodate this, however, we do not recommend sizing their skis much bigger than the recommended range.

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