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ski chairlift

Loading at the Bottom

  • Read the safety signs and follow the attendant’s instructions
  • Parents, instructors and guardians need to assist children and anyone who requires assistance
  • Lower the bar once everyone is seated – make sure ski pole straps are removed and items are secure
  • Remove backpacks and place on lap or seat

Riding the Lift

  • Sit all the way back on the chair and assist children to do the same
  • Do not swing or bounce on the chair, lean forward or adjust your boots, skis, or snowboard, or attempt to touch trees or towers
  • Watch for and follow the warning and instruction signs
  • Stay alert and be prepared for unexpected stops and starts

Unloading at the Top

  • Lift the bar when you reach the "raise the bar" sign - not before
  • Assist children and others who may require assistance when unloading
  • To avoid collision, watch out for others as you get off the lift 

If you have any questions or want to report an unsafe chair lift call 1-800-952-2687 (1-800-9Labour).


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