Ski Martock
$30 Full Combo*

Ski Martock Introduction
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Ski Wentworth
$45 Full Combo*

Ski Wentworth Introduction
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On going events:
  • Due to COVID-19, we won't have ski group to Wentworth this ski season. 
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Martock VS. Wentworth ECLife Ski Trip

  Martock Wentworth
Distance 40-60 min from Halifax 90-120 min from Halifax
Field Scale 155m Altitude,3km Ski Trail 248m Altitude, 10km Ski Trail
Group Rate $30 (early bird) $45 (early bird)
Recommended Transportation fee $15 $20
Group Arrival Time Arrive and meet at the ski hill at the same time. MUST be on time. Arrive and meet at the same time is NOT required. Self-arrangement.
Equipment Arrangement Meet at the same time, collect the paper waiver form and get the ski equipment at the same time. No paper waiver form collected. Provide our group name ECLife with your registered name and get the ski equipment
Lesson Arrangement Instructor from ski group fixed time on 10am, 12pm, 2pm
Test/Permission MUST pass ski test to go up on the hill NO ski test, BUT better ask before go up
Minimum Group Age Age 8 and up Age 6 and up
Child Standard Rate (No Lesson) $50 $25
Private Lesson (including Rental and Lift) Child $119.95 Adult $129.95

Child $125 Adult $145

Estimate time for the first run 20-60 Mins 30-150 Mins

*Price will increase at the last 48 hours and on the trip day, so please register as early as possible to get the best deal.


A:Step 1: Click on the Ski Resort you want to go(Martock/Wentworth).Step 2: Click on “Register”. Step 3: Fill out the registration form and submit. If you want to check your registration information, please register for an Eclife account first

A:Both ski hills provide the ski equipment which includes snowboard, skis, boots, helmet, and poles. Martock may provide goggles if the you arrive early. You need to keep yourself warm and dry in the snowfield so please wear your cozy cloth and protect your ear, neck, and hands. We recommend you to bring some extra under clothing in case getting wet.


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