我们一直听到“空卡路里”,但我们打赌你默认考虑甜甜圈和蛋糕 - 当有很多无用的食物,而且没用,我们的意思是没有营养。

在谈到“营养密度”时,关乎维生素,矿物质和纤维(fiber) - 换句话说,就是那些有助于燃烧和修复身体的东西。 您消费的每餐和零食都应被视为滋养您身体并尽可能多地补充营养的机会。 如果您遵循减肥或健身计划,因为营养丰富的食物将帮助您更快地实现目标。

1. 玉米片

Slide 2 of 23: This classic party food doesn’t contain a long list of ingredients, but none of those ingredients contain a high dose of nutrients. “Generally speaking, for most crackers and chips, much of the nutritional value of the grain has been removed during processing—especially when these foods are white rather than whole-wheat because the husk and outer layers of the grain have been removed. They aren’t necessarily bad but they just don’t offer much with respect to nutrients,” says Smith.Eat This Instead: For more a more nutrient-dense alternative (that still offers that crunch), try air-popped popcorn with your own added herbs and spices or crackers made with whole-wheat that have four to five grams of fiber per serving. Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Eat Enough Dietary Fiber, FYI!

这种经典的派对食品都不含有高剂量的营养成分。 “一般来说,对大多数饼干和薯条,谷物的大部分营养价值已经在加工过程中被去除—特别这些食物不是全麦,因为谷壳和谷物的外层已经被除去,它们并不一样很糟糕,但他们所能提供营养素并不错。”营养师伊莎贝尔·史密斯(Isabel Smith)说道。

选择相反-尝试食用自己添加过草药和香料或用全麦制成的薄脆饼干,每份含4-5克纤维。这就是当你摄取不够的膳食纤维时会发生什么(What Happens When You Don’t Eat Enough Dietary Fiber),仅供参考!

2. 苏打水

Slide 3 of 23: Not only is soda void of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains a ton of ingredients that can do some harm to your body. “Regular and diet sodas are loaded with artificial chemicals like colorings and sweeteners. Both calorie containing and zero-calorie (these, in particular, may negatively influence feelings of fullness and satiety) should be avoided. Also, dark-colored sodas often contain additives like phosphoric acid that can be dangerous to bone health,” warns Smith.Drink This Instead: Sometimes that fizzy pop craving just won’t go away, though. Instead of soda, experiment with sodium-free, unflavored soda water with either a splash of low- or no-sugar juice, freshly-squeezed juice, or a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon. If it’s the flavor rather than the fizz you’re after, Smith also recommends infusing regular water with fruits and vegetables. “A few of my favorites are mint and orange, cucumber on its own, or with orange and strawberry with pineapple,” says Smith. Whatever you do, don’t sip any of these 70 Popular Sodas Ranked by How Toxic They Are!

苏打水不仅没有维生素和矿物质,而且还含有大量伤害你身体的的成分。“常规苏打水含有工化学品,如色素和甜味剂。 应该避免含有卡路里和零卡路里(特别是这些可能会对饱腹感和饱腹感产生负面影响)。 此外,深色苏打水通常含有磷酸等添加剂,对骨骼健康有害。”史密斯警告说道。



Slide 4 of 23: Pretzels seem like a relatively harmless snack. They’ve got the crunch and saltiness many of us crave, and they’re not really full of sugar or harmful artificial ingredients. The problem? They don’t fuel your body. If you have any kind of goals around weight loss or fitness, pretzels aren’t going to help you get to the finish line any faster.Eat This Instead: Smith recommends kale chips as a healthier alternative.

椒盐脆饼似乎是一种相对无害的零食。 有许多人渴望其的咸味,它们并没有真正充满糖或有害的人造成分。问题?它们不会为你的身体提供燃料。 如果您有任何关于减肥或健身的目标,椒盐脆饼不会帮助您更快地到达终点线。


4. 通心粉

Slide 5 of 23: It seems as though pasta is always condemned to the “diet-don’t” list, right? The truth is, it can offer some nutrients if and only if you choose the right kind. It’s also very important to pay close attention to portion size if you’re watching your weight. “It’s better to choose whole-grain because it contains more fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein since the husk of the grain is left on,” says Smith. Psst! Pair your whole grain pasta with our #1 pick on our exclusive list of 40 Popular Pasta Sauces—Ranked!Eat This Instead: While we like whole grain, the healthiest way to get your pasta fix is with substitutes like spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles. Both are rich in potassium and vitamins A and C!

似乎通心粉总是被谴责为“不适饮食”列表,对吧? 事实是,只有当你选择合适的种类时,它才能提供一些营养。如果你正在注意你的体重,那么密切注意份量是非常重要的。“最好选择全谷物,因为它含有更多的纤维,维生素,矿物质和蛋白质,因为谷物的外皮保留下来。”史密斯说道。

替代:虽然我们喜欢全麦,但最健康的方法是用意大利面南瓜和西葫芦面条替代面食。 两者都富含钾和维生素A和C!


Slide 6 of 23: As a rule of thumb, it’s always healthier to choose whole wheat and whole grain options over products made with white flour. To get white flour, wheat grains are heavily refined and processed, stripping food of that fiber our bodies love so much. Whole wheat flour is made from the same grains but retains its fiber content because it hasn’t undergone the heavy processing. Getting enough fiber is important in any diet because it helps lower cholesterol, aids waste elimination, and boosts weight loss.Eat This Instead: If you know that quitting white flour foods—bagels, cereal, crackers, baked goods, etc.—will be a particularly tough adjustment for you, look for 100% whole wheat bread, or choose pastas or crackers that contain a mix of white and whole wheat flour


6. 甜酒

Slide 8 of 23: Yes, wine has some antioxidants—most notably the resveratrol in red wine, which may help prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol), and prevent blood clots. But typically, the sweeter the wine, the more calories it has. Dry wine has about 106 calories per glass while sweet dessert wine can have around 225 or more. Three glasses of wine with dinner can give you an extra 400 calories. You’ll get some of that resveratrol, but not much in the way of nutrition.Drink This Instead: “Studies suggest that red and purple grape juices may provide some of the same heart benefits of red wine,” says Katherine Zeratsky, RD, LD. If you’re as smitten with your red wine as us, though, then you’ll love this list of The Healthiest Red Wines—And Which Ones to Buy!

没错,葡萄酒含有一些抗氧化剂 - 最值得注意的是红葡萄酒中的白藜芦醇,这可能有助于防止血管受损,降低低密度脂蛋白(LDL)胆固醇(“坏”胆固醇),并防止血液凝块。 但通常情况下,葡萄酒越甜,它的卡路里就越多。干葡萄酒每杯约有106卡路里,而甜葡萄酒约有225卡路里或更多。 3杯葡萄酒和晚餐可以给你额外的400卡路里,虽然你会得到一些白藜芦醇。

替代:“研究表明,红葡萄汁和紫葡萄汁可以提供同红葡萄酒一样对心脏有益的东西。”营养师凯瑟琳·齐拉尔斯基(Katherine Zeratsky)说道。如果你沉迷于你的红葡萄酒,那么你会喜欢这份最健康红葡萄酒 - 以及哪些购买的清单!(The Healthiest Red Wines—And Which Ones to Buy!


Slide 9 of 23: Oh man, this is really where calories can start adding up. Although coffee itself has a negligible caloric value, plenty of beverages on your coffee shop’s menu can pack a quarter of the calories you’d ordinarily require to meet your energy needs. A 20-ounce pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, for example, comes in at 510 calories, 20 grams of fat, and 62 grams of sugar.Drink This Instead: Black coffee. Spend some time identifying the notes that float your boat, and you’ll soon look at those fatty, sugary, calorically bloated liquid desserts as a thing of your past.


代替:黑咖啡。 花一些时间来识别漂浮在你船上的音符,你很快就会看到那些脂肪,含糖量,热量,这是你过去的事情。


Slide 10 of 23: We know, we know—biting into a buttery, flaky croissant can be a transcendent experience. Eat too many of them, however, and pretty soon your belly could transcend your belt buckle. A butter croissant from Starbucks has about 310 calories, with more than half of them from fat.Eat This Instead: Grab some oatmeal. Oats have plenty of fiber and are a perfect breakfast. A serving of Starbucks Classic Whole Grain oatmeal is just 160 calories on its own. You may find that the accompanying package of dried fruit makes the packet of brown sugar superfluous. Or make some at home real quick by picking up our approved products in our guide to the 25 Best and Worst Instant Oatmeals.

我们知道,我们知道 - 咬着黄油,片状羊角面包可以带来一种超然的体验。 然而,吃太多它们,很快你的腹部就会挣脱你的腰带扣的束缚。 来自星巴克的黄油羊角面包含有大约310卡路里的热量,其中一半以上来自脂肪。

替代:抓一些燕麦片。 燕麦含有丰富的纤维,将是一顿完美的早餐。一份星巴克经典全麦燕麦片仅需160卡路里。你可能会发现随附的干果包装使得红糖包装变得多余。

9. 甜甜圈

Slide 11 of 23: C’mon. How did these things ever become a breakfast food? Some of the offerings at Dunkin’ Donuts come close to packing 500 calories—and 0 grams of anything nutritious.Eat This Instead: Satisfy your sweet tooth by making some energy balls to eat with your black coffee. Just blend any or all of the following: Dried, unsweetened fruit, oats, honey and ground flaxseed (which adds omega-3s for an energizing boost). Nut butter, chopped nuts, dark chocolate pieces and unsweetened, shredded coconut are other nutritious options. Add some water, a little at a time, until the mixture is moistened enough to form it into 1-ounce balls. If you use prunes, oats, honey and flaxseed, each energy ball has about 100 calories, 3 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

来吧。 这些东西怎么变成早餐食品? Dunkin'Donuts的一些产品接近500卡路里 - 和0克有营养的东西。

替代:用你的黑咖啡制作一些能量球来满足你的甜食。 只需混合以下任何一种或全部:干燥,不加糖的水果,燕麦,蜂蜜和磨碎的亚麻籽(添加omega-3脂肪酸以增强活力)。果仁酱,切碎的坚果,黑巧克力块和不加糖的椰丝是其他营养选择。